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Large sized food is packaged in ½ gallon resealable bags usually lasting 6 to 8 months at $20.00 per bag or save by purchasing 2 bags
(one gallon of the same kind usually lasting over a year) for $35.00.
Small sized food comes in an 12 oz tub (not actual weight) with snap on sealed lid.
Order a gallon (of the same food) for $35 instead of two 1/2 gallons for $40. SAVE $5!

Example 12 oz. tub Example 1/2 gallon bag

VIC "Very Important Customer" Special Offer:
Buy 5 of our $10.00 foods and we will send you a free $10.00 food for free

We recommend having a varied diet for your sugar gliders. The following diets have a mix of premium ingredients, nutrients, vitamins and minerals.
The diets we suggest entail 75% protein pellets and 25% variety (insects, HPW, Diets, Fruits & Veggies, Gumivore-Fare, treats, etc.)


We have combined two favorites chicken and breeder to offer you this diet that is specifically formulated with more protein for sugar gliders that are responsible for nurturing your future baby sugar gliders. The pellets are cooked using friction as the sole source of heat to increase digestibility, sterilization, texturing of each pellet and providing great taste, quality nutrition and excellent value.

12 oz. tub Item F1 $10.00  Add To Cart
1/2 Gallon Item F1A $20.00 Add To Cart
Gallon Item F1B $35.00 Add To Cart 
Complete Plus          
complete plus

We took two good glider diets and made them even better. We mixed Complete with Papaya and Eucalyptus then added lots more fruit and fun colors, shapes, textures and flavors that provide enrichment and mental stimulation that your gliders will love.

12 oz. tub (sm) Item F5 $10.00 Add To Cart 
1/2 Gallon Bag Item F5A $20.00 Add To Cart 
Gallon Item F5B $35.00 Add To Cart 
Glider Buffet          

This diet provides your glider the natural ability to forage from healthy ingredients consisting of Chicken/Breeder, Tutti Fruiti, pumpkin seeds, fruity pellets, corn pops, sunflower seeds, vitamins and much more!

12 oz. tub (sm) Item F3 $10.00 Add To Cart 
1/2 Gallon Bag Item F3A $20.00  Add To Cart
Gallon Item F3B $35.00 Add To Cart 
Glider Grub          
glider grub

This food has all your gliders favorites including Chicken & Egg, Tutti Fruiti, Chicken/Breeder, along with a mix of tropical fruits and mealworms. A well rounded mixture that will become your gliders favorite.

12 oz. tub (sm) Item F7 $10.00  Add To Cart
1/2 Gallon Bag Item F7A $20.00 Add To Cart
Gallon Item F7B $35.00 Add To Cart 
Glider H2O

Vitamin enriched, gives your sugar glider a boost. A must have for healthy sugar gliders. Keep this water in cage at all times to keep your glider, marmoset or other small pet a hydrated. Simple to use just add to 1 gallon of filtered water per pack and offer in a small open dish. Not to be used in water bottle

  Item F18 $8.00 Add To Cart 
Glider Love          

A complete staple diet that sugar gliders need and love. This supplement contains vitamins, bee pollen, minerals, amino acids, honey, Omega 6 & 3 and is also calcium fortified. It was developed to be used specifically for captive bred and kept pet sugar gliders as the protein booster in their diet. They are nutritional and balanced to make a beneficial addition to your sugar gliders plan. When fed alongside one of our Glider Love Salads, you will have the ease of mind knowing your sugar gliders are eating a well-balanced, nutritious and great tasting diet. Sugar Gliders not just survive on it, they THRIVE on it!

Small Item F19S $15.00 Add To Cart 
Medium Item F19M $22.00 Add To Cart 
Large Item F19L $40.00 Add To Cart 
Grab N Go Variety Pack        
grab n go variety pack

Everything in one convenient container ready to go when you are! This pack comes with food, mealworms, yogurt and dried fruit. (Yogurt drops may be substituted with diced coconut during the hot summer months)

  Item T66 $20.00 Add To Cart 
HPW Berry Blend        

HPW with blueberry and cranberries! 100% natural, no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. This ready-to-serve vitamin enriched sugar glider diet with vanilla bean flavorings comes in a soft pudding-textured form. Premium ingredients like honey, blueberries, eggs, bee pollen, cranberries, Zoo Pro and acacia gum are cooked together delivering this easy, low cost, mess-free way to prepare this popular HPW diet. Amazingly simple ready-to.serve right out of the jar; no more spending mass about of money or time feeding your sugar glider. HPW can be served fresh or frozen into individual servings using ice trays.

12 oz. jar Item T61B $12.00 Add To Cart 
HPW with Fruits & Veggies
HPW with fruits and veggies
HPW with Fruits and Veggies comes ready to feed (no mixing etc.). It's all natural and contains no preservatives just honey, eggs, papaya, raisins, pineapple, peas, carrots, accia gum, bee pollen and lots other goodies.
12 oz. jar Item T61 $12.00 Add To Cart  
HPW Original Formula
HPW original

HPW Original Formula is ready to serve right out of the jar. Sugar Gliders absolutely LOVE the texture and pure vanilla bean flavor…you will love the convenience. Highest quality ingredients are blended and cooked together so you don't have to. Supports strong muscles and healthy bones with natural protein and healthy bones with natural protein and delicious flavor. Simply scoop and serve!!!!

12 oz. jar Item T63 $12.00 Add To Cart  
HPW (Instant)          
instant hpw

A powder mix that mixes with water that you can offer when mixed or can freeze into ice cubes to offer at a later time. Includes honey, egg and original wombaroo. High in protein, supplements, bee pollen, flax seed oil and omega 6 + 3 fatty acids.

8 oz. bag Item F13 $17.00 Add To Cart
16 oz. bag Item F13A $30.00 Add To Cart
HPW (Instant) Honey Berry        

This diet has been tested and fed to gliders worldwide. It’s easier, mess-free, pre-mixed with dry ingredients that you simply blend with water. This vitamin enriched diet becomes a soft pudding-textured food when mixed. Gliders love the new delicious honey berry. Owners love the exceptional nutritional values that gliders need for proper growth and development.

8 oz. tub Item T148 $18.00 Add To Cart
16 oz. tub Item T148A $30.00 Add To Cart
Insectivore Fare Diet        

This high quality soft diet is designed to be fed free choice to insectivore and omnivores like sugar gliders, marmosets, hedgehogs, and possums…Excellent for older or sick pets that may have trouble chewing harder pelleted diets.

1 lb bag Item F9 $15.00 Add To Cart 
Nectar & Honey Diet        

This diet is made with multiple sources of protein and whole grain nutrition. Its packed full of flavor and nutrition mixed with rolled oats, honey, raisins, honey o’s, nuts, and sunflower seeds. Made extra delicious with a coating of nectar honey for a special taste that even the most finicky eaters can’t refuse.

12 oz. tub Item T161 $10.00 Add To Cart 
1/2 Gallon Item T161A $20.00 Add To Cart 
Gallon Item T161B $35.00 Add To Cart 
Peach & Honey Diet          

This totally cooked kibble is made with whole grain nutrition and multiple sources of protein. It’s irresistible with added wholesome multi-grain flakes and the goodness of peachy O’s, yogurty probiotic pieces, real peaches, blueberries, and raspberries. Made extra tasty for picky eaters with a delicious coating of peach honey for that special taste and nutritional benefits.

12 oz. tub Item T162 $10.00 Add To Cart 
1/2 Gallon Item T162A $20.00 Add To Cart 
Gallon Item T162B $35.00 Add To Cart 
Pretty Glider Diet          

This nutritionally fortified diet has essential vitamins and minerals that gliders need. Sugar gliders love the fruity flavor of this easy to feed diet.

12 oz. tub (sm) Item T158 $10.00 Add To Cart 
1/2 Gallon Bag Item T158A $20.00 Add To Cart
Gallon Item T158B $35.00  Add To Cart
Salads To Go          

Our freeze dried salads with egg shell calcium are a quick and convenient way to provide your sugar glider a variety of desirable vegetable and fruits they like. These freeze-dried ingredients were specifically designed for your sugar gliders, with natural and human grade foods. No additives or artificial flavorings. Simply add water, rehydrate and feed. It’s a great way to have food for your gliders when you are on the go or don’t want to shop, chop and freeze. These freeze dried foods have a shelf life unopened for up to 25 years. Show your glider some love.

Avaiable in small, medium and large sizes and in flavors Harvest Blend, Tropical Blend, Kiwi Salad and Mushroom Salad. Ingredients are listed with each order option.

Harvest Blend:
Ingredients include Squash, Apples, Sweet Potato, Broccoli, Grapes, Spinach, Peas, Corn, Pears, Kale, Pumpkin, Carrots and Egg Shell Calcium.
Item F20A
$6.00  Add To Cart
Item F20B
$11.00 Add To Cart 
Item F20C
$18.00 Add To Cart 

Tropical Blend:
Ingredients include Cucumbers, Sweet Potato, Peas, Banana, Sweet Peppers, Broccoli, Papaya, Kale, Mango and Egg Shell Calcium.
Item F20D
$6.00 Add To Cart 
Item F20E
$11.00  Add To Cart
Item F20F
$18.00  Add To Cart

Kiwi Salad: Ingredients include Kiwi, Green Beans, Blackberries, Broccoli, Apples, Carrots, Raspberries, Sweet Peppers, Papaya and Egg Shell Calcium
Item F20G
$6.00  Add To Cart
Item F20H
$11.00 Add To Cart 
Item F20I
$18.00 Add To Cart 

Mushroom Salad: Ingredients include Mushrooms, Carrots, Raspberries, Apples, Sweet Peppers, Blackberries, Broccoli, Green
Beans and Egg Shell Calcium
Item F20J
$6.00 Add To Cart 
Item F20K
$11.00 Add To Cart 
Item F20L
$18.00 Add To Cart 
Supreme Chicken & Egg        
chicken egg supreme

This kibble features chicken/breeder and tutti fruiti made with whole grain nutrition and excellent sources of protein.

12 oz. tub (sm) Item F11 $10.00 Add To Cart 
1/2 Gallon Bag Item F11A $20.00  Add To Cart
Gallon Item F11B $35.00 Add To Cart 
Tutti Fruiti          

This diet combines apple, cherry, melon, grape and banana in a well-balanced diet. It is our gliders' favorite. When in doubt, start with Tutti Fruiti.

12 oz. tub (sm) Item F10 $10.00 Add To Cart 
1/2 Gallon Bag Item F10A $20.00 Add To Cart 
Gallon Item F10B $35.00 Add To Cart 
Variety Pack          

Give your glider a choice each night. Equal portions of sugar gliders' favorites. Includes Tutti Fruiti, Glider Buffet, Chicken and Egg Supreme, and Glider Grub. Lets your sugar glider decide which one it likes the best.

  Item F15 $20.00 Add To Cart 
Hedgehog Chow        
hedgehog food

High protein totally cooked food specially formulated for hedgehogs. Made with chicken, whole soy, mealworms, fish and protein sources. Along with minerals and vitamins, it provides specific nutrition for the young growing hedgies and/or for reproduction, as well as adult hedgehogs.

1/2 Gallon Bag Item F12 $20.00  Add To Cart
Gallon Item F12B $35.00 Add To Cart 
Hedgehog Treat Variety Pack        

This healthy hedgehog treat pack contains protein rich dried insects along with nutritious fruits and veggies. Your hedgehog will love this tasty treat pack made with 5 favorites-mealworms, apples, calci-worms, carrots, and crickets.

  Item F17 $15.00 Add To Cart 
Prairie Dog Chow          
prairie dog food

Just like children like chicken nuggets, Prairie Dogs like these nuggets specially designed for their nutritional needs.

1/2 Gallon Bag Item F14 $20.00 Add To Cart 
Gallon Item F14B $35.00 Add To Cart 
Short Tail Possum Chow        
short tail possum food

Fortified, pellet-based diet that is scientifically blended to meet the vitamin, mineral, amino acid, fiber and digestive enzyme needs of your opossum. Packed with healthy grain products, fresh fruits, and freeze dried mealworms to deliver a vitamin fortified complete diet that contains everything needed for growth, reproduction and development of Short-Tail Opossums.

1/2 Gallon Bag Item F16A $20.00 Add To Cart 
Gallon Item F16B $35.00 Add To Cart 

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