Your one-stop shop for Sugar Gliders, glider food, treats, pouches, health aids, supplements and more!! We are dedicated to providing everything you need to raise happy and healthy Sugar Gliders. We started with a single baby Sugar Glider over 20 years ago that we purchased as a pet. We quickly fell in love with gliders and began breeding them so others could enjoy them as much as we did. We have placed our gliders in loving homes in all legal states. We have also gained invaluable experience in raising them to be healthy, happy loving pets for the entire family. We now raise Marmoset Monkeys, Hedgehogs, Short Tail Possums, Degus and of course the best Sugar Gliders ever. We are excited to offer our complete line of foods, treats and supplies for all of them. Sugar Gliders *R* Us is most proud of the reputation we've earned for our service after the sale. We are looking forward to helping you with pets, supplies and information. Give us a call today 615-631-9819 Kathy :)

What is a Sugar Glider?

A Sugar Glider (Petaurus Breviceps) is a small Australian marsupial possum about the size of a hamster. Gliders are found in the canopy of the Australian rain forest Tasmania, Indonesia, and Papua-New Guinea. Sugar Gliders got their name because they have a preference for sweet foods and a gliding membrane similar to a flying squirrel. Currently they are on the endangered species list.

Sugar Gliders resemble the American Flying Squirrel being similar in size, shape and actions. But there are two main differences. One is their silver/grey color and they are marsupials (females carry their babies in their pouches).

Sugar Gliders can be an enjoyable pet. They form a strong and lifelong bond with their owners. Sugar gliders can live 10-15 years in a healthy, captive environment. We have had them live over 20 years. So love them and give them everything they need and you will have your friend for a long time.

This website is devoted to your life with a Sugar glider. Here you will find information and supplies for your glider's needs. Please contact us if you have any questions or need help with your glider.

Our beautiful sugar gliders range in colors from the classic grey & white to the magnificent mosaic. They are all beautiful in their own way. it is all just a personal preference to which color suits you the best. No matter what color you choose our sweet babies are healthy and friendly pets, so you will fall in love ince you have them in your family. Below you will find a more detailed description of the various colors that Sugar Gliders *R* Us has to offer.

Classic Grey

Classic or Standard Grey colored sugar gliders are gray with a black dorsal stripe down the back and bars under the ears. The under belly is usually white. Their coloring is striking and a favorite to most. It's the most common color of sugar glider in shades of gray, black, and white. Classics can carry multiple color genetics. This makes them the perfect candidate for breeding or for pets. We usually have these sweet babies available at $299.

white face

White Face

White Face & White Face Blonde gliders may have a whiter face than that of a standard glider and the black ear bar will not be visible below the gliders ears. This gives them the white face look. This variation of glider is the second most common coat coloration in the sugar glider world. These beautiful babies are available for $399.



Mosaic Sugar Gliders come in endless patterns, showing different amounts of white on their bodies. The patterns and colors are random which makes them even more unique! Mosaic Sugar Gliders can also be Mosaic and Leucistic at the same time called a Mocistic. They can be Mosaic and Cremeino at the same time called Cremeino Mosaic. Mosaic have so many variations that their price varies as well but, usually around $599.



Leucistic Sugar Gliders have soft pure white fur and big beautiful black eyes. They usually have very clear (translucent) ears. These stunning babies are usually available for around $599.



Cremeino Sugar Gliders have cream colored or reddish creme colored fur with a reddish brown dorsal stripe & markings with deep ruby eyes. These cuties are $599. Call for availability.



Platinum Sugar Gliders have a light silvery (powdered) body with a light charcoal dorsal stripe and markings. These beautiful babies are one of my favorite and around $599. Call for availability.

We also occasionally have some other beautiful color variations such as Black Beauties, Cinnamon, Caramel, Piebald and Ruby Leu on occasion. Please call for availability and price.