Sugar Gliders *R * Us

Your one-stop shop for Sugar Gliders, glider food, treats, pouches, health aids, supplements and more!! We are dedicated to providing everything you need to raise happy and healthy sugar gliders. We started with a single baby Sugar Glider over 25 years ago that we purchased as a pet. We quickly fell in love with gliders and began breeding them so others could enjoy them as much as we do. We have placed our gliders in loving homes in all legal states. We have also gained invaluable experience in raising them to be healthy, happy loving pets for the entire family. We are proud to offer our complete line of

glider foods and supplies. Sugar Gliders *R* Us is most proud of the reputation we've earned for our service after the sale. We are now excited to offer foods and supplies for your other exotic pets such as Monkeys, Hedgehogs, Degus, Short Tail Possums, Prairie Dogs, Chinchillas, Squirrels, Hamsters and more. We look forward to helping you with all your pet needs.