Sugar Gliders *R * Us

Your one-stop shop for Sugar Gliders has expanded to include Monkeys, Hedgehogs, Short Tail Possums, Degus and more plus their foods, treats, pouches, cages, health aids, supplements and more!! We are dedicated to providing everything you need to have happy healthy pets. Sugar Gliders *R* Us is owned and operated by Kathy Woodson. Kathy retired from teaching third grade after 35 years and started this journey owning and caring for exotic pets over 25 years ago when she got her first sugar glider. That one glider was the beginning of Sugar Gliders *R* Us. Kathy has a grown son (Dan) and daughter (Robbie) , two granddaughters (Chloe and Emerald). Kathy lives in Tennessee with her husband Charlie. She spends her days taking care of the exotic babies she loves. We have placed our fur babies in loving homes in all legal states. During this time we have gained invaluable experience in raising them to be healthy, happy, loving pets for the entire family. We are proud to offer our complete line of Exotic pets and the foods, treats and supplies they need. Sugar Gliders *R* Us is most proud of the reputation we've earned for our service after the sale.