Micro Squirrels


Micro Squirrels are little pocket size squirrels or African Pygmy Dormice. They are small furry-tailed exotics belonging to the Gliridae Family along with squirrels and beavers (not regular mice/rats), resembling squirrels in appearance and habits.

Micro Squirrels can be hand tamed with regular interaction at a young age. They can be socialized over time to crave human interaction and love cuddle time with their furever family. Using a favorite treat as bribery helps too. Like letting them lick maple syrup from your fingers.

Their body is about 4 inches with a furry tail almost the same length. These little guys have fur on the inside of their ears & furry tails that keep them warm during any hibernation period in the wild. They are most active at dusk & dawn-scurrying around & chirping to one another.

Micro Squirrels are social animals that do better living in social groups or pairs. Same sex groups get along well when they are raised together from a young age. Although when keeping them in larger groups there are occasional territorial disputes. You can reduce this “bullying” by adding lots of hides/nest and making sure their enclosure is large enough so that all can choose a place to rest/sleep. These little guys can be escape artist and sneak through small openings.

The best type of housing is a glass tank with a tight-fitting secure fine mesh top. A 10-gallon tank will house 2 adequately, although being active critters they will appreciate the additional room of a 20 gallon. If keeping more than 2 a larger tank is needed. Line the bottom of cage with 2 inches of aspen shaving. Provide nest/hides, branches and nesting materials for them to make their own home.

Your new friends need to be kept at 70 degrees or above. Below 65 degree could cause them to hibernate. Females breed once or twice a year. They usually give birth to litters of 4 between May & August. They continue to live in close-knit family groups as the young mature. The babies are hairless and open their eyes at about 3 weeks, but don’t leave their mother’s side until about 6 weeks old. These little omnivores are primarily fueled by nuts & seeds, fruits, veggies & berries (fresh, frozen, or dried), plus protein from small insects, cooked chicken, hard-boiled eggs and yogurt. Always have fresh water available in small water bottle.

These rare exotics have been around for more than 30 million years. There are 29 species found in Africa, Asia and Europe. Most of which are vulnerable to extinction in many areas where they were once plentiful. Hopefully by placing them in loving homes around the U.S. we can help their population grow back stronger than before.

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